Solutions for Kitchens

Commercial kitchen biological drain cleaning services

Our biological drain cleaning services are designed to save time, save money, improve the functionality and reputation of the facility by preventing problems with the waste pipe system and associated fat traps.

  • Save money on maintenance costs
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Prevention of problems
  • Prevention of smells
  • Comply with Health & Safety legislation
  • Keep your facility functional

Fat traps or grease traps

Fat traps or grease traps are an important aspect of a kitchen’s functionality. However, without the use of biological enzymes they are problematic and expensive to maintain. We also have a responsibility to reduce the amount of fats that enter sewers leading to waste water treatment plants.

Health and Safety legislation

Health & Safety issues

Our enzymes work effectively to prevent the build-up of fat and organic matter ensuring the trap remains maintenance-free with a significant reduction of bad odours. This creates a more hygienic environment reducing the risk of pests and disease.

With our enzyme solution you will no longer have the need to empty your fat trap which is expensive and inconvenient.


Pricing plan

Special plan for fat trap in kitchens.

Small internal
fat trap

£15 per month

Large internal
fat trap

£20 per month

Small external
fat trap

£25 per month

Large external
fat trap

£30 per month

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