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Our ECO biological drain cleaning services are designed to save time, save money, improve the functionality and reputation of the facility by preventing problems associated with the waste pipe system. We manage the whole process which helps to create a clean environment for staff & students freeing up your time to deal with more important matters.

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Untreated waste pipes are a breeding ground for pests & disease. The build up of organic waste is a food source for rodents and other small animals that carry disease.


Untreated waste pipes are a breeding ground for nasty bacteria that are hazardous to health. This problem becomes a serious matter when overflowing toilets, sinks and drains result from blocked pipes.


The pipe work connected to toilets, urinals, sinks and showers etc harbour nasty smells caused by the build up of organic waste. Such smells are extremely unpleasant and can be eliminated very quickly and easily.


Sludge builds up in a waste pipe system over time if left untreated. Eventually it becomes blocked causing a number of problems. Conventional methods such as rodding or jet washing just move the problem into the sewer, whereas our solution prevents the problem from arising.


Health and Safety issues

Health & Safety issues

The use of biological enzymes in a sewage system not only prevent the build up of organic waste but also increase hygiene levels and reduce the risk of disease. Untreated waste pipes are a breeding ground for pests, disease and nasty smells. Our guaranteed maintenance plans keep waste pipes clean and therefore eliminate such breeding grounds.

Maintenance costs

The use of biological enzymes to maintain a waste pipe system is cost effective, ECO friendly and problem preventative freeing up the time of staff to deal with more important matters. It also maintains or even improves the reputation of the facility.

Bio-enzym meintenance costs

Peace of mind guaranteed

We understand the importance of a functional facility. Upon receiving an order we will visit your premise to apply the solution, which is a fast clean process.

Our enzymes work 24/7 to prevent problems from arising. In fact, we are so confident in the quality of our enzymes and services that we are able to provide a written guarantee that your waste pipe system will remain unblocked of organic waste and that you will experience a significant reduction of any associated bad odours.

Pricing plan

To calculate the cost of a biological drain cleaning service for your facility, simply calculate the number of drains within your facility and then multiply it by the relevant cost per drain below. Alternatively, you can use our simple custom calculator to work out a price of one application. Each facility is different so our final quotes may vary.


£4.00 per drain


£3.75 per drain


£3.50 per drain


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