Conventional methods

The maintenance of a waste pipe system becomes expensive if neglected over a period of time. Conventional methods such as jet washing and rodding are costly and disrupt the functionality of the building. They also place unnecessary stress on the pipe work and joints, which in an older system can cause damage resulting with expensive repair bills. Such methods simply push or wash the problem along the sewage system, which can attract fines from local authorities if proven to be the cause of a problem elsewhere.

Typical maintenance cost

Bio-enzym solution

The use of biological enzymes to break down the build-up of organic matter and fat in a waste pipe system is ECO friendly and prevents many problems from arising. The enzymes work 24/7 eliminating the need to make expensive call outs to contractors to clean or unblock waste pipes clogged with sludge and fat. This frees up the time of facility managers and caretakers to deal with more important issues. It also maintains or even improves the reputation of the facility.

Bio enyzme maintenance cost

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