Biological drain cleaning services for business and public buildings

A cost effective and natural solution using biological enzymes to digest organic waste and keep your waste pipes & drains flowing freely that we manage for you and guarantee will work.

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Maintenance costs

The use of biological enzymes to maintain a waste pipe system is cost effective, ECO friendly and prevents blocked drains and bad smells, which frees up the time of staff to deal with more important matters. It also maintains or even improves the reputation of the facility.

Maintenance costs

Peace of mind guaranteed

We understand the importance of a functional facility. Upon receiving an order we will visit your premise to apply the solution, which is a fast clean process.

Our enzymes work 24/7 to prevent problems from arising. In fact, we are so confident in the quality of our enzymes and services that we are able to provide a written guarantee that your waste pipe system will remain unblocked of organic waste and that you will experience a significant reduction of any associated bad odours.

Health and Safety issues

Health & Safety issues

The use of biological enzymes in a sewage system not only prevent the build up of organic waste but also increase hygiene levels and reduce the risk of disease.

Untreated waste pipes are a breeding ground for pests, disease and nasty smells.

Case studies

Buildings come in all shapes and sizes but the waste pipe system is generally the same, which may become blocked or smelly over time causing problems for the facility. It is the responsibility of the maintenance manager to ensure the facility remains functional, conforms to health & safety regulations and provides a trouble free clean environment for its occupants. These are also important factors for upholding the reputation of the facility.



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